Arctic Security Consultants aims to provide individuals, corporations and governments with independent  advice concerning the security and sovereignty of the Canadian Arctic.

  • Facilitate introductions and meetings with elected representatives.
  • Advise and facilitate contacts with
    aboriginal businesses and leadership.

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  • Review and advise government policy
    documents related to the Canadian Arctic security and sovereignty.
  • Provide or assist with studies and reports related to the Canadian Arctic with a focus on security and sovereignty.

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  • Assist parties interested in exploring
    business opportunities in the Canadian
  • Review and provide feedback on strategic plans for the Canadian Arctic.

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The Principal

The principal of Arctic Security Consultants is Colonel (Retired) Pierre Leblanc. Colonel Leblanc spent over 9 years in the Canadian Arctic where he commanded Canadian Forces Northern Area for an extended five years period. During that time he had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the Arctic, including formal visits to Alaska and Greenland. He is the founder of the Canadian Government Arctic Security Interdepartmental Working Group, an advisory body which comprises11 federal departments.

His long command tenure of what is now Joint Task Force North allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the many facets of security and sovereignty in the Arctic. This tenure also allowed him to develop lasting relationships with political, business and aboriginal leaders.

Colonel Leblanc is familiar with the infrastructure of the Arctic and has visited most of its communities. He has experienced temperatures of minus 75 °Celsius and is familiar with the challenges the Arctic environment presents for equipment, personnel and programs.

Following his retirement he has participated in many discussions on Arctic matters. He has made formal presentations at the Université du Québec à Montreal, the Université Laval in Québec, the University of Calgary and the Université de Montréal. He participated in the Model negotiation on Northern Waters between two teams of experts which was held in Ottawa in 2008. He has also done a number of studies for the Canadian Government. He has appeared as an expert witness for the Senate Standing Committee on National Defence and Security and the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence.

Recently, he assisted Raytheon Company to win the contract for the operation and maintenance of the North Warning System consisting of 47 air defence radar sites in the Arctic from the Alaska border to the south tip of Labrador spanning some 4,400 kilometers. He set up a new Raytheon Canada Limited business unit and managed the North Warning System contract for two years from April 1st 2014.

Colonel Leblanc is an ambassador for the Arctic Inspiration Prize.


Pierre has two associates.

Gregg Kennedy has thirty-five years experience within the personnel and physical security field. He spent most of his career with Canada’s Public Safety Department working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service as an investigator, operational trainer and specialized sensitive operations manager. He has travelled the Canadian Arctic extensively.

Ron Kroeker brings forty plus years of experience with the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence in a variety of roles that included strategic and business planning. He recently retired from the National Search and Rescue Secretariat where he had the lead for the coordination of Northern search and rescue within the National SAR Program.