Arctic Security Consultants specializes in providing independent commercial and policy advice on the Canadian Arctic with a focus on security and sovereignty. Specific capabilities are:

Independent Commercial Advice

  • Assist parties interested in exploring business opportunities in the Canadian Arctic.
  • Review and provide feedback on strategic plans for the Canadian Arctic.
  • Review and provide feedback on business plans for the Canadian Arctic.
  • Help identify potential partners.
  • Provide threat assessments.
  • Review of security plans.
  • Assist with the submission of requests for Controlled Goods.
  • Assist with obtaining security clearances for employees.
  • Advise on the best methods for cargo shipment, personnel travel and accommodations.

Independent Policy Advice

  • Review and advise on government policy documents related to Canadian Arctic security and sovereignty.
  • Provide and assist with studies and reports related to the Canadian Arctic with a focus on security and sovereignty.
  • Provide audio-visual (PowerPoint) presentations on Arctic security and sovereignty.

Introductions with Stakeholders

  • Facilitate introductions and meetings with elected representatives.
  • Facilitate contacts with aboriginal leaders and businesses.
  • Arrange and assist with meetings of key federal, provincial and territorial officials.
  • Manage support services for visiting executives including meeting at the airport, arranging for and guiding executives to meetings with local and regional stakeholders.

Other Services

  • Represent the interests of parties in various venues.
  • Attend conferences to collect information.
  • Other support as required to meet the specific needs of a client.
  • Provision of wildlife monitors in the Arctic.
  • Facilitate personal and physical safety training related to threats from indigenous wildlife, arming of wildlife monitors, Arctic survival and cross-cultural programs.
  • Performance Management.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Facilitation.

Services can be tailored to the specific needs of customers through an iterative process.

Former Clients

Colonel  Leblanc has provided services to the Government of Canada including the Canadian Armed Forces as well as commercial entities providing equipment and services to Canadian security agencies including Rosborough Boats, Cirrus Research Associates, exactEarth, Raytheon, Airvinci, and others who prefer discretion.

Les services sont disponibles en français.